Epperson Family

At Crossfit Unbroken we want to show our appreciation for the families that have made fitness a priority. The Epperson family is an example of what I’m talking about. Peter and Kim Epperson have 4 children: Nick, Lexie, Natalie and Kristian. Leadership usually starts at the top of any business, family, etc. When I met Peter Epperson I knew that fitness was at the top of their priority list. I still remember the day he asked me if we could meet about the potential of me training Nick, his oldest son, and another one of Nick’s friends Tommy Ferrara. When I learned that Nick and Tommy would train with me I never expected them to train with me for over four years! Nick has been an amazing athlete to train, and we are lucky to have him around us at Crossfit Unbroken. To add-on to Nick’s training, one day Peter decided to give me a call to see if his other children could come into the gym, and train with me. When I said yes I didn’t realize that I would be training a 14 year old, 12 year old and a 9 year old. When the three showed up for their first session I was happy to find out that they were hard workers that listened to directions. This is something I appreciated because I have dealt with a lot of kids in the past that didn’t take training seriously, especially at this age, so it made me appreciate their intensity and dedication to training hard. In these videos that we have taken at Crossfit Unbroken one will see why the Epperson’s are truly a family of fitness!

Video of: Natalie Epperson
Video of: Nick Epperson
Video of: Kristian monkey bars
Video of: kristian pushups
Video of: Lexie Rings

By: Kyle Krogmann