What inspires you?

For some of us it is fear; The fear that we might lose all of the progress we have made thus far.  For some of us it is our family; the knowledge that we have to be at our best for them.  For the coaches here at CrossFit Unbroken it is quite often you, the athlete.

We have athletes of all shapes and sizes, all ages, all walks of life.  The one common denominator is that you show up and when you do, you bring it.  Watching you fight through some short term discomfort to make the journey is awe-inspiring.  When we see you do things you maybe weren’t sure you could do it drives us.  When you get that look in your eye that tells the world you are not going to quit, not going to fade, but rather, you are finishing strong, you inspire us.

Thank you for that because it is a gift and a blessing to be in your company!

Be well and Stay Unbroken!