It’s not a diet, it’s changing the way you view food

One of the greatest things about CrossFit Unbroken is the wide variety of people who belong to our box. Sure, we have some some really muscular, fit people (who are quite nice, by the way) but we also have a wide range of, well, everyday people.

We opened CrossFit Unbroken with the belief that everyone can work out and be fit. One of the most important ways to gain optimum health is through fitness AND nutrition. We actually have a number of members who are also enrolled in our nutrition program, Wholeistic Nutrition, which goes on a bit behind the scenes.

What we do is not a “weight-loss program.” Not at all. The fastest way to gain weight is to go through a program like that. We approach it differently and rather simply.

Are you ready?

Here’s how we help people become healthy:

  • It’s a behavioral change. It’s about changing your behavior about and around food.
  • It’s about changing your plate. Not the plate itself, unless you want to, but what you put on it and the proportion of your nutrients.
  • It’s about creating accountability, both for our participants and with us by creating a feedback loop based on everything you eat.

We tell our participants what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Our eating habits and preferences are so ingrained that we often don’t think about what we are eating, we just do it. Food becomes more than fuel – it can become an addiction. In fact, the irony of food is that it is the one addictive substance that we still need to live. There isn’t a single other substance on the planet like it.

Food is a very emotional and intimate experience for many people, particularly those who are not happy with their health. It can become quite a cycle:

  • Guilt – “I can’t believe I ate that.”
  • Regret – “I know I shouldn’t have eaten it.”
  • Shame – “I’m so embarrassed that I did that.”

Does that sound familiar? It’s a more common experience than you may realize.

Our nutrition program is lead by our co-owner, Patrick Manner, and includes a cohort of other individuals starting on the same journey. Is it a weight-loss plan? Nope. It’s a re-education of how to feed your body the right fuel to be healthy. And it’s not just about food either. Patrick is a big proponent of learning to live healthy, which includes six to eight solid hours of good sleep a day, regular exercise, and eating properly.

Good food choices are a major component of staying healthy

Good food choices are a major component of staying healthy

Patrick has also been in our participants’ shoes himself – after experiencing a family health crisis that left him sedentary for a year, he found himself nearly 50 pounds overweight and out of shape. He completely understands what it’s like to start from square one, but he’s also not going to pull any punches when it comes to getting people healthy.

Interested in finding out more and learning about some of CFU’s nutrition program success stories? Contact us for more information.