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Take a look at what some of our members and drop ins say about CrossFit Unbroken!

  • I can’t say enough about the community at Crossfit Unbroken! So many wonderful people and amazing coaches. I feel like they have so much to offer and continue to grow . Not only do I love it but so does my daughter. I always say that you don’t get the opportunity to have people cheer you on in life as you get older but you do at Crossfit Unbroken !

  • Great new facility…excellent personal trainers…expertise for very young to older women/men…

  • Great drop-in 2 days in a row. Tough workouts, friendly coaches, and the type of welcome you would expect from the CrossFit community. Thanks guys!!!!

  • Fairly new to CrossFit and Sunday was my first class at Unbroken. Patrick was great…pushed me to do my best and feel it today!! Huge place with a ton of class options! People were great too and talked highly of the all the trainers! Excited for what’s next!!

  • I am relatively new to crossfit and I belong to Crossfit HD in Chamblee, GA. I spent 3 weeks at Crossfit Unbroken and have nothing but good things to say about this box. Great space, coaches and an atmosphere for success. Thanks Jason, Joe, Kyle and Patrick..

  • It rocked and I look forward to more classes
    The instructors are very encouraging
    Thanks Joe and Christine !! Way to go challenge group!

  • Exceptional staff! So friendly and knowledgeable! They made my concerns their own- I felt like family. Beautiful space, full service options. Absolutely recommend for everything from minor weight/ health/ strength improvements to major life goals!

  • A whole new concept here versus the typical gym process. I like that its in groups and you feel like a team and are less apt to fall off. Great concept, great program.

  • Great coaches and supportive environment. Plus they offer a lot more than CrossFit classes. My husband, kids and I love workout out here!

  • One of the greatest gyms around! And has the best trainers!

  • I have been going to Crossfit Unbroken for close to 2 years now. From day one I have always felt welcome from both trainers and other athletes. I recently had a baby and worked out most of my pregnancy thanks to modifications to the workouts. Since having my daughter it has been difficult getting back to where I was, but the unloaded classes have been amazing. They are still challenging but allow me to work back up to where I feel comfortable with the normal crossfit classes. They have also been a great refresher class for correct technique and breathing. I truly love Crossfit Unbroken!

  • The new gym in Grafton is awesome! Coach Joe is the best!

  • After my first day, I was hooked! The staff and members are supportive and encouraging. I’ve never felt intimidated coming here like I have at other gyms. There’s a strong sense of community here, too. I’m proud to be part of the CFU family.

  • Great equipment, great owner. Kinda weird he won’t eat mushrooms, though.

  • After years of lifting at gym and doing classroom cardio and coming off a horrible knee injury in 2016 I find CrossFit Unbroken the most challenging and powerful method of achievement. CrossFit Unbroken is more than just a gym its a second family to me. I have met some amazing people who I now consider my friends and second family. The coaches are awesome here and make sure that you are lifting and doing everything correctly to help prevent injury. I was scared to come to a CrossFit gym because I didn’t want to be “bulky” but I was completely wrong. I have seen some amazing results and keep gaining strength. Come check out CrossFit unbroken!!!!

  • Fantastic coaches and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. The coaches make it fun and push us to do our best, without being overly competitive. Everybody in the gym is awesome at encouraging others – we cheer everybody on to finish the WOD and stay till everybody finishes!

  • Crossfit Unbroken is by far my favorite place to workout – it’s a very welcoming community!! Personally, I never picked up a weight prior to crossfit, but everyone is on different fitness levels and journeys, so I feel very comfortable working out at my own pace. Also, the trainers are extremely helpful and encouraging!! I highly recommend giving Crossfit Unbroken a try!

  • This place is sick as frick. Great coaches and great work outs

  • Somehow the people here manage to make working out actually fun. love it! also the new place is frickin dope

  • Great workout again this morning! Kyle, Nicole, and Patrick are the best. If you haven’t checked it out yet give it a try you will be happy you did!!!!

  • Just got my butt kicked (in an awesome way!) definitely one of the best classes I have ever been to! Cannot wait to continue my fitness journey at this gym!

  • Very friendly place! I dropped in from out of town and was welcomed by friendly staff and knowledgeable trainers. I’ll be stopping by every time I visit Wisconsin!

  • Loved my first class. Everyone is so supportive. It’s a great environment! Can’t wait to come back for more classes.

  • Great place! I dropped in from out of town and was warmly welcomed by the coaches and members. Got some great coaching tips and had a great workout. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a genuine CrossFit experience. Thanks for having me!

  • I really like these people. They know what they are doing and take time to work with you to help get right. They realize that not everyone is going to be a world class lifter.

  • Dropped in for the 9am WOD. Great gym and great workout… Thanks

  • One of the best fitness centers I’ve ever been to. They are very knowledgeable, they take time to guide and direct you and are super encouraging!! They make you feel comfortable and welcomed….I highly recommend them!!! I can’t wait to start my program! Do yourself a favor and check them out, I know I’m glad I did!!

  • I trained with Kyle for a few years! He got me into bikini shape and I stood around the pool in Jamaica with my niece and nephew in their 20’s feeling great 😊.

  • One of the greatest gyms around! And has the best trainers!

  • Don’t let Crossfit scare you! This gym is awesome! The coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and always keeping an eye on form.

  • Everyone was so welcoming of me! Intense workout, but really enjoyable and friendly coaches!

  • I absolutely love it here. The trainers are all great and very motivating!

  • Luv luv unbroken. Put the fun back into working out. Can’t say enough about the coaches and the true team spirit. Thanks

  • Crossfit Unbroken welcomed my family and I 7 months ago and now they have become friends. The workouts are challenging and have never repeated. Crossfit truly presents well rounded fitness and Unbroken does it exceptionally well.

  • Great community of athletes. Everybody supportive regardless of your abilities. Coaching staff awesome, always looking out for you to progress and stay safe in doing so.

  • Great CrossFit Box! Atmosphere is Amazing, coaches are great and encouraging! Willing to work on your weaknesses and technique during the WOD! I highly recommend CrossFit Unbroken to anyone!

  • This place has changed my life! The staff and members keep me coming back. I’ve tried every gym in the area and found nothing even close to this. Truly the best!

  • CrossFit Unbroken is the best Crossfit gym in town. Coaches are attentive and knowledgeable. Members are welcoming. WODs are challenging yet fun. My endurance and strength has increased massively since joining this gym. And now they will be opening a second location right off of 43 in Grafton. Love this place!

  • I was a member here from April-December 2016 before moving, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. Having never had any sort of gym membership before, the staff were all incredibly accommodating, the personal training was excellent, and the people who go there were always friendly. I would re-enroll in a heartbeat were I to move back from Madison!

  • Best place ever

  • I have lost over 65LBs in the last 6 months, I literally owe all to the great coaches and motivators at Unbroken!!!

  • I’ve never sweat more in my life. But in a good way.

  • Have been working out here for over a year and have been treated like family since day one. Great coaches, great community and a great atmosphere.

  • I joined CFU about 6 months ago. My confidence was shaken and my body in the worst shape of my life. The CFU coaches and community not only supported me, but became a group of friends. The CrossFit workouts are a good mix of cardio and weightlifting. The barbell classes have become my go to workouts. As I was reminded today, I am now doing a clean at the weight of my initial deadlift. I just can’t get enough.

  • Down almost 50lb in six months, in better shape at 34 than I ever was at 24, what else do I have to say? These guys are for real!

  • I always get something different out of every workout. It’s a fun community and the coaches are solid and know the right balance of ensuring proper form while encouraging me to be my best.

  • CrossFit gyms are a Box – it is meant to be that way – what separates one Box from another are the people inside the Box. CrossFit Unbroken has truly great coaches and the community they have created is something very special. The workouts are kick-ass and never the same. The vibe makes you feel welcome and at home on day one. Best gym I’ve ever belonged to. It’s not the Box, it’s the people.

  • This is my first experience with Crossfit gym and I’m very happy with my experience. Knowledgeable and engaged staff who helped me work through my rotatory cuff injury and customized workouts while recovering. And a great community of people! Strongly recommend.

  • Best decision I have made. As a former collegiate athlete I love to compete; CrossFit Unbroken has a great atmosphere to do so, against yourself and others. The coaches truly push you to be the best athlete you can be, they are extremely helpful and friendly. In just 6 months have seen many changes; I have lost a lot of weight, I am stronger, and I am now leaner. At first I was very hesitant about CrossFit Unbroken, but now I love it because it is the best workout I have ever gotten.

  • Love this place!!! Trainers are all amazing and they keep you going. I actually love to work out now. I have been to other gyms and always dropped out. This place is different…you feel comfortable going there because everyone is on so many different levels. You must try it won’t be disappointed!!

  • I reluctantly joined CrossFit Unbroken close to two years ago. I wanted something different then the usual gym experience. It was one of the best decisions I made. The instructors are great. Their is a lot of variety to the classes. Their is a sense of community with both the staff and the other members. Not to mention that Cross fit training will whip you butt in shape. Give it a try.