Programs and Services

Personal Training– Please contact Kyle Krogmann for a complimentary consultation on your Personal training needs and pricing at 563-212-7243

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

At CrossFit Unbroken we believe that the FMS is the first piece of the puzzle in your quest to become fit. The FMS will allow our coaches, and athlete, to understand previous injury, asymmetries, and movement dysfunctions that exist for the athlete. It will allow our coaches at CrossFit Unbroken to help one get better at a faster rate than if the FMS was not administered. There are 7 movements that one will go through as standard protocol to complete the FMS. These tests will help one understand their own movement, and one will be able to improve because of their own understanding of asymmetries that may exist.

Nutritional Coaching

A complete assessment of your current nutritional habits will be conducted. Utilizing the most current and comprehensive nutritional studies, we will design and implement a plan that works for you, including:

  • Current diet assessment
  • Easy to implement new diet habits that build in a progressive fashion
  • A complete meal plan inclusive of what to eat, when to eat, portion
  • Weekly follow up sessions to discuss and analyze results, determine to result in a transformative nutrition lifestyle sizes and supportive recipes success and adjust as needed for long-term success
  • $100/month, 1 session per week.
  • Contact Patrick Manner- 414-755-9587

Group/Team training

Rates vary, contact Kyle Krogmann- 563-212-7243