Week 1 is in the books

Well, we have closed the chapter on our first week in business, and at the same time, opened the door on this next stage in all our lives.

CrossFit Unbroken is officially open, we have actual athletes, and we have run a few classes and trained many athletes this past week.

The three of us, Kyle, Nicole and Patrick talk all day long and one of our prevailing thoughts is this, “We are all so blessed to be doing what we love.  It is hard to even call it work”.  Just today Nicole remarked that she comes to the gym every day with the biggest smile on her face and she can’t hide it, she loves what she is doing.

We all really enjoy working together and even more, enjoy our athletes.  The passion, commitment and resilience that they show inspires us all to be the best coaches we can be.  Every day, we just want to bring it for them.  They deserve it and truthfully, none of the three of us know how to do it any other way.

Though we just keep coming back to feeling blessed.  As this first week ends we want to thank those of you who have joined us thus far in the beginning of our journey.  We are honored to coach you and it is our sincere pleasure.  Thank you to all of you, Patty, CJ, Bri, Renee and Big K, All of the Hoff’s, the USM Hockey crew, Emily, Zach and Mary, Andy and Liz, Hans, Katie K, Sara, The Epperson fam, Prof Kevin, Bobby J, Thu and her little two, Garrett, John B, Marie, Scott T, Betsy B, Caroline, Dave F, Tracy and a few others I may have missed!

Looking forward to the future and for us all to Stay Unbroken!