Wholeistic Nutrition

Wholeistic Nutrition is the Unbroken recommended nutrition philosophy and program.  In some ways, it is better to explain what it is not.  Our program is not a calorie restriction program that leads to quick and rapid weight loss.  Those programs serve to provide quick results that are unsafe, unhealthy and nearly impossible to sustain.  Neither is our program one of elimination; we do not advocate removing any of the macro-nutrients from one’s nutrition, protein, fats or and especially carbohydrates.

What we do strive to do is to educate and empower our clients to know how each macro-nutrient works and benefits the body, how much and when to utilize each; protein, fat and carbs.  We do all of this in a 12 week systematic approach that is high on daily interaction, feedback and coach availability.  Our program also focuses on real life, a program that is affordable, sustainable and available.  We don’t sell unnecessary supplements or try to get you into a long-term “subscription” type of relationship.  We want to help you change for the better and leave you knowing how to move forward on your own, and for the better.

By the end of the 12 weeks, we hope to show each of our clients how focusing on body fat, not body weight is the path towards a healthy and lifelong nutritional lifestyle.